Happy Mothers Day | Spokane and Pullman Photographer | Cali Jenae Photography

Happy mothers day! I feel so privileged to be able to photograph the bonds between all of the amazing women I’ve had the pleasure of working with and their children. It’s touching to witness and gets me more excited to become a mother myself one day to experience love like that. I hope you all have been getting treated like the amazing women you are! These are just a few of my favorite mother-child moments I’ve been able to capture.

Summer Sale | Spokane & Pullman Area Photographer | Cali Jenae Photography

As promised, here it is! The hugest sale by far that you will see from CJP. If you’ve been meaning to get family portraits or some photos of your kiddos done for a long
time, now is the time! If you are a 2013 senior, get your senior photos done now and get in on this awesome price! If you are due with a little bundle of joy from May until August, contact me now with your due date to ensure your babies spot while snagging this steal!!!! This is not only for locals, if you’re willing to travel over here for your shoot you can take full advantage of this deal too. Dates available are limited as past clients have already had first dibs. Please contact me asap to view a list of date openings for May-Aug. calijenaephotography@gmail.com

regular prices

Darcy and Kade Sneak Peek | Spokane Engagement Photographer | Cali Jenae Photography

This blog post is going to be HUGE…be sure to come back for more :)

Meg & Drew | Spokane Engagement Photographer | Cali Jenae Photography

I was excited when Meg contacted me about doing their wedding because I had always admired her and Drew in High School. We didn’t run in the same circles but they both seemed so genuinely kind and therefore deserving of each other. We had a teeny tiny window of time that we could do their engagements in and although we both wanted snow for one of the locations, I was beginning to accept that this very dry winter wouldn’t let that one happen. Miraculously, the woods by my parents had stayed shaded enough to protect the inch or two accumulated the previous week that had completed melted away everywhere else. We were beyond stoked about it and had fun tromping through the trees. These two are good sports let me tell ya. “Hey how do you guys feel about laying down in the snow?…” “Sure!” :) Haha they’re great. After we took advantage of our secret snowy spot, we headed downtown to capture some of the beauty that our shared hometown has. We found a brick alleyway with twinkle lights, stunning views of the river, and architectural art pieces in the form of cement bridges. By the end of the shoot, I wanted to steal all of Megs adorable coats and was drooling over her engagement ring. Can’t wait to see what droolable touches their wedding day holds! Oh and be warned that this is once again a very thorough post haha, engagements are certainly one of my favorite types of sessions!

April & Paul | Lewiston, Moscow, Pullman Engagement Photographer | Cali Jenae Photography

April and Paul came prepared with a fantastic list of awesome locations. It removed a big chunk of my job; they had sure done their homework! :) It was also a treat because I’m not super familiar with the Lewiston area and they gave me a thorough tour! I loved the spots that they found and I especially love that they wanted to include the bridge where they had their first date in high school as well as where Paul proposed. (There’s two bridges in this post and the one that has the special meaning is the enormous one…which they climbed…can you say adventurous!? hehe) And that adventurous spirit kept up the whole morning, they were up for just about anything I suggested. Conversation was easy like we had known each other much longer that a few hours and I am so thrilled that they chose me to be a part of this special shoot. Are you prepared to be bombarded with gorgeousness? I had a hard time narrowing things down in case you couldn’t tell ;)

Winter Photos! | Spokane and Pullman Photographer | Cali Jenae Photography

SNOOOWWW!!! :) It’s really not something to cringe at, I promise. After all, you live in the Northwest, isn’t it time to embrace it? Yeah yeah, it’s hard to drive in, it’s cold and you have to shovel it…blah blah blah. Go ahead and call me a goober, I know you want to since I’m about to tell you that it’s my favorite season. Yup. I love it! It forces the whole world to slow down and quit worrying about their busy schedules. It makes me feel nesty and cozy. And I don’t think there’s anything prettier than evergreens coated in that fabulous fluffy white stuff. Now, I accept that I won’t be able to convert everyone and I accept that not everyone would be happy taking photos in the snow. But those of you who are like me and love it, why not book a session in it?! :D It provides a beautiful backdrop, it makes the whole shoot 50x more fun and it’s natures reflector because of how it bounces that light back into your face and makes your skin glow gorgeously. I am *considering* scheduling mini session dates for January in a Winter Wonderland theme if I get enough interest. If you want them, tell me! I’ll get planning. Or if you’d like to book a full or half session in the snow, please send me an email to calijenaephotography@gmail.com and we’ll talk dates and details. Here are some examples of the beautiful images you can capture in the snow:

Crystal & Jake | Spokane Engagement Photographer | Cali Jenae Photography

This was the last of Crystal and Jakes “seasonal engagement sessions” with me and while I’ll be sad to have them end, I am looking forward to their wedding this fall! I was so excited when the approached me about their idea to do seasonal shoots! The winter wonderland took place up on top of a mountain with some sledding and some snow fighting. The spring one was a picnic theme up on a prairie with a beautiful view of the city. And for this summer one, we headed out into the pasture of some friends of theirs and used the great texture in their barns and fields.

Erin & Jake | Pullman & Moscow Engagement Photographer| Cali Jenae Photography

This may just be my all time favorite engagement session. I love when everything works together so beautifully. The subjects and the location working in perfect harmony and a touch of some yummy evening light add up to one stunning outcome. Erin and Jake are as in love as two people can be. It was almost as though they were enjoying a stroll through the country setting and I and my camera weren’t even there with. The evening was full of “i love you”s and kisses and looks that made my heart dance. I can’t wait to see them for their country wedding next year and can only imagine the looks that I will be privileged to witness on that day.

Crystal & Jake | Spokane Engagement Photographer | Cali Jenae Photography

Crystal and Jake are two of my most enthusiastic clients. They opted to have seasonal engagement photos. We had a blast with our winter themed shoot up on top of beautiful Mt. Spokane where we took advantage of the gorgeous views and spent the afternoon laughing and playing in the snow. And for their spring shoot, I thought what could be better than a picnic?! I happened upon this secret location when I was driving to a clients home for a newborn session and had been waiting for the perfect session to use it. And Crystal and Jake were it. I loved the shoot and the resulting images and can’t wait for your summer session! It’s going to be beyond awesome!